- Erika

“Mr. Nelson is a talented masseuse that has serviced many of the attorneys and staff at my law firm. They rave about his massaging techniques and line up in droves to receive his therapeutic treatments. He is always punctual and will bring his services to you. He has come to our office numerous times to set up and give massages to all those in the office needing pain and stress relief. My co-workers have raved about his ability to ease the pain of carpal tunnel and back and neck injuries. I have no doubt that the attorneys and staff at my law firm will be using Samuel's services for a long time. My co-workers always look forward to his weekly arrival. He is very professional and very knowledgeable about his field and is always willing and able to answer any questions regarding his services. Anyone who uses Massage on the Go will be more than satisfied with the professional, stress and pain relieving massages of Mr. Samuel Nelson.”

- Laura

“Samuel operates his business in a very professional manner, and relates well with all types of people. He is always available to serve his clients and is continually working to grow his business. His unique service is affordable and effective.”

- Ricky

“I am an avid gym goer and definitely felt the progress in my body slow down due to improper care and not enough stretching. Thankfully, Massage on the Go understood this issue and as able to slowly get my flexibility back to where it should've been. Not to mention, they were able to come to my home and work around my hectic schedule!" 

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